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Having suffered chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for some time, I’ve spent countless dollars in the past several years buying and trying different pillows to see if I could find relief. Nothing helped as I had hoped, until I tried a PureEarth buckwheat pillow. From the first night that I slept with it, I have been pain-free. Finally, I sleep restfully and wake refreshed and energized. I am definitely a convert – and one Very Satisfied Sleeper!!Marguerite, Hawke’s Bay NZ
I purchased the Pure Earth Standard Pillow with matching pillow protector for my husband. He has been suffering from soreness and stiffness in his neck and shoulders on and off for years. Just recently he had been dealing with a pinched nerve in his back. I had seen your pillows on Facebook and began following your page. After reading other people’s recommendations I decided to purchase one for my husband.

Well what can I say, after just 3 nights sleeping on the Pure Earth Pillow, my husband is feeling so much better and he tells me his soreness has disappeared and the pain in his back has subsided also!

He also says the pillow is ‘off the charts’ in comfort.

He even brings it out to the couch in the lounge room to put his head on when watching TV.

So we are both thrilled with this wonderful pillow and would highly recommend it.

Thank you also for your prompt processing of our order and speedy deliverySusan Simmons, Victoria